Saturday, 1 June 2013

Nyamasheke: Sector roads, a responsibility of residents-Mayor

responsibility of residents-MayorParticipants during the District meeting
The vice-mayor for economic affairs in Nyamasheke district, Charles Bahizi has remarked that residents should benefit from repairing small roads that connect cells and villages.
The vice mayor said this on May 30th 2013 during the meeting of members of Committee for District Development (CDC) of Nyamasheke district.
During the meeting, the participants highlighted poor roads and clean water shortage as the stumbling blocks to the development of some sectors.
To solve the issue, Vice-mayor Charles Bahizi explained that residents are employed and paid to work on these roads through community work, VUP (Umurenge vision program) and Ubudehe program.
Though residents are responsible for murram roads, the government makes bigger roads that connect sectors to districts, in addition to rebuilds the broken bridges, he adds.
On the water scarcity issue, it was cited that the cause is an earth quake that occurred in 2008 destroying water pipes and other equipments as Bahizi revealed.
However, a 54 kilometres water pipe that will connect Gihombo and Mahembe sectors is being worked on to supply water to the large numbers of residents in Nyamasheke after completion, he says.
Charles Bahizi advised participants that sensitization is needed to make residents embrace such activities though it’s in their interest.


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