Friday, 28 June 2013

Gatsibo District eradicating corruption

Gatsibo district with the help of the district’s advisory board are laying strategies to prevent injustice committed to the people as well as prevent and eradicate corruption to create a just and corrupt free district.
Sign posts against corruption are positions in many areas
Sign posts against corruption are positions in many areas
Isaie Habarurema the vice mayor for finance and economic development says this will be possible since the members of the Advisory board are from different authoritative levels in the district.
The board member will work together with the district to fight corruption and ensure a just district and everyone including local people will have to play their role in ensuring this goal.
Habarurema says Gatsibo has no corruption cases but will make sure it doesn’t develop and eradicate any sight of it to ensure people have justice. He went on to explain some of the strategies to fight corruption and ensure just society include giving people good services for people not to feel a need to bribe getting better services and explaining people’s rights to different services.
A toll free telephone was introduced and the number was given to people to report any corruption and give information in case they learn of it. Sensitizing local people of the law that punishes corrupt officials, the dangers of corruption to the society are among the set strategies.
Concerning creating a just society, local leaders from the village leaders to the district officials will be sensitized of their responsibilities in solving people’s problems and on time to avoid stretching cases leading to injustice to the involved parties.


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