Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Burera: Government to help relocating 552 households from high risk zone

Samuel Sembagare, mayor of Burera District has revealed that 552 homes will be shifted from high risk zone before the end of September 2013 to avoid disasters.
This was said during the unusual community work that was held on June 8th 2013 in Ndongozi cell, Kinyababa sector in Burera district.
The community work that gathered residents, local leaders and security officials was meant to help prepare where houses of residents affected by floods in high risk zone will be built.
The mayor highlights: “Whether poor or capable, everybody in this risk zone will relocate before September 2013 ends. Houses should be ready in July and occupied in August so that September rains do not find them in high risk zone.”
He said that poor residents in high risk zone will be assisted through community work and given iron sheets by the government.
Dr. Vincent Biruta, Minister of education who attended the community work asked residents to cooperate with the district administration so that people are shifted from High risk zones.
Minister Biruta denotes: “We have to come back in September when people in high risk zones throughout the district have shifted and occupied their new houses.”
Floods are common in Burera district due to hills and soft soil.
It’s because of this that recent rains destroyed over 21 houses, washed away different crop fields and claimed a life.


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