Saturday, 22 June 2013

First Kwita Izina caravan draws praise from tourists


An excited tourist in Buhanga Eco-park. 
The Caravan tour organised by the Rwanda Development Board ahead of the annual Kwita Izina ended yesterday in Musanze District  with some tourists climbing trees and shouting on top of their voices as they reached new tourism sites.

The tour was introduced this year as part of the gorilla naming ceremony locally known as Kwita Izina which is due today in Kinigi, Musanze District.

It drew over 100 local, regional and international journalists as well as tourists who toured several tourism sites.

The Caravan tour started in Kigali with various stopovers at Shyorongi, Nyabarongo River and Nyirangarama where they visited animal husbandry wing and the factory wing of entrepreneur Sina Gerald before proceeding to Musanze town.

From Musanze, the team headed to Burera where they visited the twin lakes namely Burera and Ruhondo before they toured Virunga Lodge also in Burera district.

The tourists were shown how the lodge was built in a traditional way and were guided to its various parts.

The team also visited Muhabura Hotel, where handcraft products made by locals were showcased and sold for the whole week as well as the two-kilometre underground Musanze Caves. 

The caves are home to large bat colonies and host some incredible variety of plants, shrubs and trees at the entrance.

At the Buhanga Eco-park, a coronation site for former Rwandan kings, tourists were briefed on how the coronation ceremonies were organised.

Tourists who participated in the tour commended the Rwanda Development Board for organising the tour, saying it afforded them the opportunity to experience the beauty of the country which they have never known.

Prof. Wolfgang H. Thome an aviation consultant and a travel writer said he was surprised by what he saw beyond gorillas.

 “I am very surprised by the innovation and changes that RDB has introduced for Kwita Izina. The caravan tour is a step forward bringing diversification of tourism,” he said.

 “It is also a great surprise that RDB has broadened its scope. I was also impressed by the media team and tourists. I compliment RDB staff for being ready to answer thousands of questions we had,” he added.

 Anaclet Karangwa, a coordinator of Caravan tour said it was added on the list of activities to introduce tourists to other tourism products.

This year’s Kwita Izina will see 12 baby gorillas named, under the theme, ‘Celebrating Nature, Empowering Communities.’

Apart from performances, the day will also feature Rwanda’s rich and unique traditional dances by the National Ballet.


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