Friday, 14 September 2012

Rwanda | Ruhango: Government Sets Another Programme For Eradicating Drug Abuse

The program for eradicating drug abuse in Rwanda ‘Neighbors’ Eye’ locally known as (Ijisho ry’umuturanyi) with the help of local people watching each other’s back is set and has been appreciated by all people especially religious leaders who promise to support the move
Government sets another programme
Drugs are becoming a national problem and they are abused by many people especially youth but educators and religious leaders believe this program is going to fight this problem.
Michel Kaboyi the spokesperson of Ebenezer church in Rwanda said that this program of the neighbors’ eye is the country’s strength in eradicating drug usage. “We have been calling upon people to stop doing bad and evil things but now that we have government support, drugs will be completely eradicated in Rwanda.”
The fact that local people will be responsible in reporting people who use or sell drugs will make the program more effective said Jolie Germaine Mugeni the in charge of social affairs in Ruhango district.
This program will be operating in all administrative levels starting with village levels to district level and will be in operation for about 6 months.


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