Friday, 14 September 2012

Rwanda : Nyaruguru District Plans Ahead Of Agricultural Season

The Governor of Rwanda’s Southern Province, Alphonse Munyantwali, has urged Nyaruguru district residents in Southern Rwanda, to work in cooperatives and use selected seeds and fertilizers more and more as a way of boosting productivity in the 2012-2013 agriculture season.
NyaruguruDistThe Governor made the remarks on Thursday while addressing over 500 residents in Kibeho sector of Nyaruguru district, some minutes after a communal work along with the local population and some more from neighbouring Rusenge sector − a communal work which saw 20 hectares terrassed out of a total of 30 hectares upon which maize will be grown some days ahead.
“The secret to achieve development lies in teamwork”, Governor Munyantwali said in his interactive speech, sometimes directly handing the microphone over to some people in the audience to react to his remarks.
The Governor further urged those who haven’t yet joined cooperatives to do so, arguing, among others, that through cooperatives bank loans are easily secured and fertilizers to boost productivity easily accessible.
But it’s been the mere presence of top officials that did cross the minds of some people in the audience.
“I was very happy to see both the Governor and the Mayor cultivating along with me in our own fields”, said 30-year-old Janvière Mukashyaka, a resident of Kibeho sector.
According to Thomas Mbonyisenge, Nyaruguru district agronomist, it is going to be quite a tight schedule in the 2012-2013 agriculture season.
A total of 5,000 hectares of maize will be grown, and so will be 30,000 hectares of Irish potatoes. 30,000 hectares will be cultivated for beans to be grown on, 250 hectares for coffee, 400 hectares for tea, 6,000 hectares of wheat and 1,800 hectares of cassava – all of which will be grown in communal fields.


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