Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rwanda | Nyamasheke: District Acclaims Development Partners Playing Exceptional Role

m Nyamasheke District 300x225 Rwanda | Nyamasheke: District acclaims development partners playing exceptional role
Today the 31stAug.2012, people who played a big role in the implementation of the district’s performing contracts of the economic year 2012/2013 have been awarded certificates of appreciation on the part they played ; Nyamasheke District Authority has reported.

Jean Baptiste Habyarimana the mayor of Nyamasheke district thanked members of the district Itorero called ‘Indongozi’ for working hand in hand with the district administration in achieving the performing contracts they vowed to do in the presence of the president of the republic.
Among those who were given the certificates of appreciation include those that played a part of [promoting agriculture like Tubura group that provides fertilizers and agriculture lessons, Gatare Tea Growers who implemented Gatare Tea project.
The cooperative of motorcyclists that played role in development projects and in ensuring security and the Union of fishermen that ensured the security of Lake Kivu. People who won medals in different sports were also appreciated, local people’s radios of Rusizi radio and Isangano radio in Karongi district that transmit different information to the local people.
In this meeting, the district mayor got a chance to thank the district exemplary worker who fulfilled his responsibilities and even helped his fellow workers in doing the same and that was Theogene Mugwiza who is the secretary of the district.


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