Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rwanda : AgDF Gets Rwf 19 Million INMR Boost

Agaciro logo mod1 300x224 Rwanda : AgDF gets Rwf 19 Million INMR boost
The staff of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (French acronym INMR) has contributed Rwf 19,235,692 to the Agaciro Development Fund, as the fund continues to garner nationwide support.
The sum was derived from all 70 employees who pledged to contribute the equivalent of a month’s salary, which will be deducted in small portions for the next 10 months. This however does not rule out other, smaller donations planned by the staff members to be donated on a monthly basis.
Speaking to reporters, one of the staff, Kayonga Gabriel, said that contributing a whole month’s salary was not because he didnt need the money, but because he believed in the cause and what the fund represents.
“There’s a chance the money we have donated helps build another museum. A school maybe, or health centre for our children. Donating this money isn’t making a loss, but rather helping build our nation”, Kayonga was quoted as saying.
INMR Director Umuliisa Alphonse expressed his pride and slight surprise that such a large sum was raised by his colleagues, saying that the contributions were made voluntarily.
He also hailed the creation of the Agaciro Development Fund, saying it was a way for Rwandans to determine their own destiny and not be held hostage by donors whose aid often comes with ‘strings attached.’
To him the fund also espouses the qualities of Rwandans such as being self-worth, dignity, being people of integrity and refusing disrespect of any kind.


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