Friday, 22 March 2013


When it was revealed that Miss NUR 2012 Isimbi Deborah was pregnant, the news quickly spread like a bush on fire and the public response was that of outcry. Fairly or not, it was unjust for us to shun her and call her names for the mere fact of overtly admitting she was able to procreate. Firstly, there are the moral issues and myths associated with conceiving out of wedlock but sometimes the weight attached to them are overly exaggerated. Secondly, the whole issue was given too much publicity in social media, you would have thought she had killed someone.
WHY DEBORAH DOES NOT DESERVE ALL THE SHUNSo why drum up all this unnecessary hype to this otherwise trivial matter? The answer would be very simple to this question. Deborah is supposed to conduct herself in a respectful manner as a bearer of a crown that is precious and holds much significance culturally. This is true, only if all the other factors that make her human were to be nullified, which is practically impossible. As a girl and student, she would, in normal circumstances, freely interact with her colleagues including members of the opposite sex. That makes her human. And is there any law that forbids her from enjoying a perfectly normal life like other girls in society? The answer is a definite no.
So while the media and tabloids are busy labeling her conduct as improper and other sorts of names, we should see the exact opposite: a former humble and normal girl who shot to fame in a short period of time. Former Miss Rwanda, Bahati Grace, was befallen by the same fate and the response from the public was pretty much the same. How disappointing!
To add salt to injury, Deborah and her boyfriend went ahead and apologized in church in front of the whole congregation, but it seems so many of us had already fixed our minds to label them promiscuous, to an extent that we have adamantly refused to be “brainwashed” otherwise. If Deborah had not been holding the title “Miss” not even single person, except her parents and close relatives, would have raised the alarm but now, she has suddenly become a victim of her own success!


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