Friday, 22 March 2013


Renowned music producer Barick has revealed the secret behind his success in music industry. Barick, who heads a production house known as BMCG, says the only way producers can make it to the top is to love their job. Speaking to from his base at Kacyiru, the family man stressed that it’s important to be patient if one has to excel.
BARICK: PASSION FOR MUSIC IS WHAT DRIVES ME“I have produced music for over a decade now, and just recently is when I started to realize the fruits of my work. If you want to come and start from the top then you’ll get all the equations wrong. For me, passion is what drives me.”
The only difference between Barick and other music producers is the fact he has kept a low profile for such a long time, you would never think he has worked with music giants like Tom Close, True D, Angel and many others. But for him, it’s the quality of his music that should sell rather than self publicity. “I have heard that before,” he joked. “If you ask me there are music producers here who like to promote themselves. I wouldn’t want to mention their names, but they are there. What’s most important is to do your work passionately and give something that is of good quality for the public to listen to.”


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