Saturday, 16 March 2013

Senior lawyers join Bar association


Members of the Bar association pose for a group photo. 
Fifteen former judges and prosecutors who opted to exercise their legal profession in the Bar Association have taken oath at High Court in Kimihurura.

Presiding over the ceremony, yesterday, the acting President of the High Court, Judge Jean Marie Vianney Hitimana, reminded new entrants of their responsibilities as highlighted in the advocates’ oath.

They include respect of the Constitution and other laws as well the respect of courts and other national institutions.

He pointed out the crucial role of lawyers in the judicial system as far as rule of law consolidation and quality justice delivery are concerned.

The president of the Bar Association, Athanase Rutabingwa, thanked them for having chosen to join the Bar and reiterated that the public expects a lot from them through court system and other fields that need legal assistance.

Moral standards

He reminded them that legal profession is subject to rigorous professional standards, discipline and ethics that every member has to strictly respect as laid down in the law governing them.

“You should have high moral standards, independence and high integrity and always consider exercising your profession free from any external influence,” Rutabingwa said, calling upon them to assist the indigent and vulnerable people in society.

Among the new members who joined the Bar Association include the former National Prosecutor and the Permanent Secretary / Deputy Attorney General in the Ministry of Justice, Esperance Nyirasafari, and former Supreme Court judge  Odette Murara.

According to Victor Mugabe, the executive secretary of the Rwanda Bar Association, the new group is composed of senior lawyers. 

One is considered senior lawyer after they have made 5 years in the profession.

To start as lawyer, a beginner has to do a two-year internship after which they sit for an examination. 

In case one fails the examination, they are given a chance to retake the papers after two more years.

The Kigali Bar Association is a professional organisation created by an Act of Parliament in 1997 with 37 advocates. It has now 750 advocates.


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