Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Rwanda | Ngoma: Residents urged to prevent malaria outbreak

The director of Ngoma Hospital, Dr William Namanya has asked residents to prevent themselves from malaria, which is on the raise according to the medical reports from different health posts in this place.
 This follows after laboratory tests revealed that 13000 people in Ngoma district have suffered from malaria in the past 10 months.
 Dr. Namanya explains that this is a big number of people saying measures should be taken to sensitize residents on sleeping under mosquito nets to prevent malaria.
 Talking on why malaria is on increase, Dr William asserts: “Residents relax and forget all about preventive measures when there is no malaria. Some people have mosquito nets but are keeping them.”
The most malaria affected people are the residents in sectors that neighbor swamps and lakes.
 Community health workers revealed some of the homes that have no mosquito nets and the advocacy will be done to avail treated mosquito nets to them in addition to spraying their houses, narrates Dr William.
 Another problem is that some people hang mosquito nets above their beds but never sleep in them complaining they are hot.
 Kibungo hospital is facing a challenge of patients that are brought ill to this place without medical insurance, which impacts loss to the hospital.
 Kibungo district has made up to Rwf9 million over patients without health insurance since Ngoma district is at 61 percent health insurance coverage.
 The vice mayor of Ngoma district, Providence Kirenga asserts that local leaders have been asked to ensure that all residents get mutual health insurance 100 percent before 2012 ends.


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