Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Rwanda | Ngoma: Leaders vow to increase health insurance

Different cell leaders and health insurance officials have agreed that health insurance coverage in Ngoma district must be 100 percent by the end of 2012. 
This was resolved on November 26th 2012 at district headquarters during the meeting of health officials and cell leaders with providence Kirenga, the vice mayor for social affairs in Ngoma district.
The purpose of the meeting was to devise new measures of sensitizing residents to embrace the health insurance program and ensure security within the area.
The vice-mayor asserted that apart from it being a must for every Rwandan to have mutuelle de santé, every resident should just sit comfortably without health insurance.
“Though we have always been concerned with raising the coverage to 91 percent, it is has to change because the lives of 9 percent people will be at stake. The issue of health insurance brings discomfort especially when a resident without it falls sick,” he remarks.
However, local leaders reveal that residents are battling with poverty which is the biggest hindrance to embracing the health insurance program.
“We are set to work with SACCO so that residents get money and socially develop. Also, all cooperatives must secure health insurance for their members before they qualify to get loans,” explains one of the cell executive secretaries present.
Ngoma district has 61 percent of health insurance coverage but hope to have 100 percent coverage in one month’s time.


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