Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ivan Kagame, the First Son who prefers to do his laundry

Scroll through media and the stories you will find about children of presidents involve mainly
scandals. Some First Children are taken up by substance abuse and other anti-social vices. In the
case of Ivan Kagame and his siblings, the story reads differently.

For them, you will hear and read or watch them interviewed about what they are doing,
expectations. As the first born, Cyomoro finds himself in a very unusual position; the siblings
look up to him for guidance. He is particularly very close to Ange Kagame, the second born.

Publicly in Rwanda, Ivan Cyomoro Kagame is known as this handsome, slander and humble
looking young man! Without a conversation, you could underestimate him as being short of
words. But make no mistake; you will be in for a big surprise.

Those who know Ivan Kagame during his secondary school days say he is a very approachable
individual, and very polite as well. With his imposing height similar to an American basketball
player may keep you at bay as he looks over you. This is a typical fit with people of a like-
Ivan kagame with his family

Ivan Cyomoro completed part of his high school at one of the most prestigious schools in the
United States in May 2009. He later got enrolled to the prestigious military school of WEST

This institution boasts among its alumni some of the greatest military figures in American
history. Note though that Cyomoro was not accepted due to the influence of his Father as many
may misleadingly tend to think; he worked, and hard, for it.

It is on record that most of greatest officers who undertook studies at West Point had fathers who
had been great Generals before them. Case in point is General MacArthur. But when it comes to
Cyomoro, believe it or not, the lad was accepted from his own sweat, as goes the African saying.

Ivan Cyomoro was judged on his own merit. He is also the one who proposed to the family that
he would like to have a military background.

Despite the grinding drillings that go with the selection process at WEST POINT, which remains
a very selective military academy, cadet Cyomoro was among only 18 foreigners who made it.
He scored 99percent in ACADEMICS overall and passed all the PHYSICAL. Like they say, the
rest is history.

Images of Ivan Kagame

Ivan Cyomoro said to be that guy who would like to see things done as planned. It actually
said he sometimes wants to wash his clothes. Very often, he does the laundry for himself and
always leaves the surroundings around him neatly arranged.

Ivan Kagame became well-known during his Father’s campaign for 2010 Presidential elections,
when the President was contesting for another term to be Rwanda’s leader.

He stood by his Father’s side and was always seen jumping to the tunes like all the ordinary
people who had come in their thousands for the campaign rallies. At a distance, all were taken
aback by his notable height.

No matter how many view him, Cyomoro remains the simple guy who happens to be the
President’s son.


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