Monday, 20 February 2012

Rwanda | Rwandan young girls taking over male jobs

Rwandan young girls

A young lady busy on her work

After realising that they have lagged behind development and yet have equal potential like men, girls in Rwanda have now put aside what they considered taboos in ancient times and joined the labour market. Olive Byukusenge, 23, is one lady who makes 4000rfw per day at a construction site belonging to Jean Noel Ruzibiza in Mageragere sector, Nyarugenge district, in Kigali city. She is proud of the job and she says that feels no shame to be working at a construction site.  “Why should I feel ashamed yet the money I get here helps me fulfill my needs and even support my family, I sure there are few young boys of my age who make this money” she said. Byukusenge encourages other women and young girls to forget about the cultural aspects, and states that “this is a generation of gender equality which calls for women to compete on the same platform with men.” She explained that her job is a profession careers of which she attained a certificate from Tumba College of technology after undergoing a 3 years course. She urges other girls to join technical schools and urged them to be proud of being what they are. Brick making and construction are two areas dominated by men in Rwanda following ancient myth that women don’t climb houses; however gender equality and globalization have changed life in Rwanda and especially women are have now also joined the construction sector, engineering and other fields that were usually referred to as male jobs.


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