Friday, 24 February 2012

Rwanda : Muhanga residents are complaining about music in the night.

Some residents of Muhanga town are complaining about the way people who spend weekends playing music loudly throughout the nights, which has resulted to sleepless nights for the neighbors.
Muhanga residents

Yvonne Mutakwasuku Muhanga district Mayor

Innocent Kazungu , a resident of Gahogo cell said most incidences happen a zone called ‘Sinyola’ where they play loud music through the weekend nights in the s and mostly by those who are planning to host weddings.
“Sometimes it is too much that we wait for authorities to intervene but in vain” Kazungu said that “this happens many times and sometimes there is loud music during week days”.
Other residents say that apart from weddings and weekends, the noises are eveident with the bar areas around the residences. The bars play loud music and the clients, who are mostly drunk, make a lot of noise for the residents.
The Mayor of Muhanga district, Yvonne Mutakwasuku, stated that no one is supposed to distract their neighbors’ peace of mind. She said that “only night clubs with the legal permission are allowed to play music in the night and they should have music proof so that it doesn’t make the neighbors uncomfortable”.
Similar complaints had earlier on been raised about churches -where Christians would pray and make noise with musical instruments. However this has already been taken care of since no church is allowed to exceed 10pm praying.
The Mayor promised that the district will take necessary measures to stop this problem because this, in itself, causes insecurity for the residents.


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