Monday, 20 February 2012

Rwanda : Men should have different view on Gender balance

In order for gender to benefit the whole family, it must be taken as social development instead of seeing it as a women’s’ program that do not concern the family.
Men should have different

Kayiranga Jean Nepomuscene Kayiranga presenting the findings
This was said this February 2012 by Mrs. Kayiranga Jean P. Kayiranga, Deputy for Chief Gender Monitor in Charge of Fighting against Injustice and Gender based Violence during the presentation of one week gender findings that took place in Rulindo district.
“Let us take Gender as social development not as women. This will enable men allow their wives join cooperatives because they will be know that it is for the good of the whole family”adds Mrs. Kayiranga.
Mrs. Jean Nepomuscene kayiranga in her findings revealed that District Advisory Council and Leadership committee of Rulindo district observed gender balance in leadership as; 33.3% of women and 66.7% of men although there are some leadership sections that did not have any woman.
She said: “Among the Head teachers and 17 leaders of sectors that make Rulindo district, there is only one woman.”
A group of people that produced findings asked Rulindo district to allow its workers talk about gender, revising the rights of the employees like giving maternity leave and others.
Justus Kangwagye, Rulindo district mayor asked the concerned party about gender to organise training for Rulindo district on gender based policies.


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