Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rusizi: teachers urged to promote quality education

Some of the teachers and students are demoting the quality of education. This is especially noticed through the high number of school dropouts, unwanted pregnancies among students and use of drugs in students.
This was discussed the quality education meeting that brought together Rusizi district and schools head teachers in the district on Thursday the 16th.My.2013. This meeting was held to find long lasting strategies to end such issues in schools.
The educationists’ panel during the meeting
Fran├žoise Nirere the vice mayor for social affairs in Rusizi district said it is pitiful for Rusizi district to have the large number of University students who get pregnant. Rusizi district still has a big number of school dropouts.
The vice mayor said, “There are many street kids in most villages in almost all sectors of the district who are not followed up by their parents and teachers and yet it is their responsibility.”
About 7000 students’ dropouts from Primary and Secondary School and about 90 university students in Rusizi district who got unwanted pregnancies. It was said that most teachers demote the quality of education by abusing their students sexually and physically and are not punished by law.
Some teachers who get reported are released without being punished on conditions that there is no evidence to implicate them in the act. Teachers are not being exemplary to their students and this is degrading education in the district.
Jean Pierre Nteziyaremye the education officer in Rusizi district said many presentations and debates through radios and in schools to improve quality education are going to be encouraged.
Among the strategies agreed upon to curb down issues demoting the quality of education in Rusizi district, include looking for school dropouts to be brought back to schools. Teachers were given 2 weeks deadline to find these school dropouts.
It was agreed upon to start sensitization programs about reproductive health and how to avoid unplanned parenthood especially unwanted pregnancies in female students in universities and higher secondary schools while discouraging use of drugs among the youth.


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