Monday, 20 May 2013

Nationalism reigns supreme at Rwanda Day in UK


LEFT: Rwandans and well-wishers proudly wave the Sky-blue, Gold and Green National Flags, and right, Rwandan reverends show their solidarity at the function. At least 3,000 Rwandans and well-wishers converged for the event in which a panel of government and business leaders discussed development issues in motherland.
Thousands of Rwandans and well-wishers on Saturday converged in London, UK,  for the Rwanda Day.

President Paul Kagame, who was the Guest of Honour, said Rwanda is not a small country as some people may think because the country’s people are determined to own it’s development process and choose their destiny.
The colourful event that was preceded by performances by Rwandan artists such as Intore Masamba, Fran├žois Chouchou Mihigo and London-based traditional dancers also attracted Rwandan citizens as well as friends of Rwanda.


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