Wednesday, 15 May 2013

International Telecommunication Union awards Rwanda

International Telecommunication Union awards Rwanda
Rwanda has been awarded with WSIS Project Prizes 2013 organized by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) where the Africa Digital Media Academy was voted as the best project in media category.
This was announced on the 13th May 2013, in Geneva during the WSIS Forum focusing on post-2015 development agenda.
The WSIS Project Prizes is an annual contest, which recognizes excellence in the implementation of projects and initiatives which further the WSIS goals of improving connectivity to information and communication technologies (ICTs).
Africa Digital media Academy (ADMA), located in the city of Kigali, a vocational training program initiated in March 2012 by Workforce Development Authority (WDA) together with Pixel Corps Ltd, provides students with skills necessary to work in all areas of the digital media industry.
This center prepares its students for production work needed in digital media.
Through live, hands-on learning in the computer lab and production studio, with distance learning from television experts in the U.S, students are given instructions to proceed at their own pace with support from the instructors.
The emphasis is on student collaboration with the community as the foundation for effective learning.
“ADMA is the first of its kind in Africa to provide students with the skills necessary to work in all areas of the digital media industry,” said the Minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana.
He observed that this will add on another step for Rwanda to be on the forefront in using ICT, especially for edutainment and infotainment to create jobs, especially for Rwanda youth.
More than 280 projects from 64 countries have participated in the contest. During the voting phase, more than 3500 registered users voted for the projects according to the rules and instruction of the contest. 18 winners announced and awarded a prize at the WSIS Prize Ceremony 2013.
The Director General of the Workforce Authority (WDA) Jerome Gasana, said the school will provide up to 5 levels of professionalism which if covered continuously can last for a period of 3 years”.
He stressed that the current intakes are mainly of level 1 trainees who are those individuals that have been in the multimedia business for some time. A total of 100 students are expected to be enrolled in a given academic year.
“For the past years, the government of Rwanda has invested in well-targeted development of ICT,” said Gasana.
He went on explaining that such a thrust of growth is evidenced by fibre optic cables inter-linking all Rwandan districts.
“With such a poise of the ICT infrastructure and ADMA’s experts, this school guarantees high quality multimedia skills.”
The Africa Digital Media Academy is remarkable opportunity for Rwanda. With it Rwanda has effectively embraced information technology and its entire related infrastructure.
It enables the country to embark on the phase of tremendously increasing innovation through content and application development.
Such a drive relies a lot on the elected development a workforce with every capacity to complement the efforts of the Government of Rwanda to bridge the digital divide and empower Rwandans to participate in promoting and ensuring good governance.


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