Monday, 20 May 2013

Mitali says national devt is linked to robust culture


A man plays traditional herps during a cultural show last week.
SAFEGUARDING culture and investing in creative arts is critical to sustain development, the Minister for Sports and Culture, Protais Mitali has, said.

Mitali was speaking at the Nyanza-based National Art Gallery during the celebrations of the International Museum Day last week.

The day was held under the theme:  Museums (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change.

“Creative industries are considered one of the most dynamic sectors in the world trade,” Mitali said.

“Experience has proved that the economies of countries emerging fast are based on their cultures and this should serve as a good example.

“We have to work closely to determine how creative industries in Africa can produce and distribute art goods of high quality, especially those based on our history. If we don’t preserve our memory, there will be for sure no sustainable development, no welfare and therefore no future.”

The minister said arts can depict the country’s vision and changes observed in people’s lives through times, adding that Rwandan culture is so rich with a lot to offer to the world.

 Any situation can be translated into an artistic form to provide a message to the world, he said.

“Arts are used as a tool to transmit messages of our daily life, to transmit easily the change or transformation of our histories, feelings, aspirations, hopes, and vision for the better future of our communities,” Mitali said.

The celebration also saw the official launch of the second International Arts Exhibition.

The exhibition features many local and international artists. 

Mitali said the exhibition is an opportunity for local artists to learn from the experience of others and share their own.

“It is an opportunity to share skills and experiences [because] it creates a deeper mutual understanding of history through heritage experience. This will widen our economic and social transformation for the benefit of our people,” Mitali said.

“This forum is an opportunity to inspire the young Rwandan talented artists as Rwanda has a lot to offer to the world in terms of arts.”

At the event, 20 young Rwandan artists who attended a one-week training in  creative arts received certificates.

The event also saw the official opening of the Kids’ Studio, a special room designed to boost children’s creativity and love for arts.

The studio, equipped with drawing pencils and papers, clay, puzzles, paints and books, among others, is already operational at the National Arts Gallery and some works of children  are already on display.


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