Friday, 30 August 2013

Scandals and negativities sell more than positives- Bebe Cool

Uncle Austin remains optimistic ahead of his album launch

Ugandan musician Bebe Cool believes the controversies and eccentricities that surround musicians are always blown out of proportion in order for the tabloids to sell. Bebe Cool was speaking after his arrival in Kigali, where he is expected to be the star guest at Uncle Austin’s album launch entitled Uteye Ubusambo.

Asked why he has always appeared in tabloids for all the wrong reasons, the star only smiled and said, “In music you never end up in the news for wrong reasons, I have to correct you on that, there is no news like negative news, I mean if you go to church and give out money nobody wants to talk about it. But if you get high and down there the press will be on your neck so news is good like negative news. I would like to tell you that it’s part of my job to be in the news, whether positive or negative.”

The star was also quick to note that Ugandan media has advanced at a level where selling lies is more of a priority than factual reporting. He added, “Uganda has its own way of crafting stories, so don’t trust so much of what you read in Ugandan tabloids. As an artist I call it I don’t care system.”

Despite that Bebe Cool expressed his belief that Rwandan music industry is moving at a fast rate adding that Rwandan artists are fighting hard to make their presence felt in the region.

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Scandals and negativities sell more than positives- Bebe Cool


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