Friday, 30 August 2013

Gisagara evaluates harmonized family training programs

Gisagara District conducted an evaluation Tuesday 27th.Aug 2013 on training given by Youth and Women in the fight against domestic conflicts, an assessment that proved the program has been effective up to 95percent.

The program is set on sensitizing conflicting couples to iron out their differences and create harmonious families.

 Gisagara evaluates harmonized family training programs

With the support of Care International and RWAMREC (Rwanda Men’s Resources Centre), Gisagara district has been training people to sensitize conflicting families to live in harmony. This program is becoming productive as sensitizers move around sectors discouraging domestic conflicts.

“Some couples did not want to accept being sensitized pretending not to be conflicting but later admitted to the truth and solved their issues. The main causes of the domestic conflicts are misuse of drugs, cheating and lack of authority to family properties” said one of the sensitizers in Nyanza sector called Emma Niyotwagira.

Couples that were conflicting and later solved their issues due to these teachings say the teachings were indeed helpful.

Mukasine and Innocent Mazimpaka residents of Gishubi sector say “we were on the edge of our relationship and we were thinking of separation. We fought all the time, children were already traumatized and poverty was the order of the day until we were helped to overcome our issues.”

Ever since the sensitization program to teach conflicting couples started in May 2013 up to July 2013, the teachings provided once a week has changed 372 families out of 521 conflicting families.

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Gisagara evaluates harmonized family training programs


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