Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Winners and losers after first elimination round of PGGSS

After a long wait to see who would advance into the next round of Primus Guma Guma Super Star, our anxiety was put to rest as on Saturday 27th July 2013, the five who advanced were unveiled. The five, namely Riderman, Mico The Best, Knowless, Riderman, Urban Boyz and Dream Boyz will battle it out in the grand finale set to take place on 8th August at Kigali Serena Hotel. Here looks at the winners and losers after the first knockout round.

Winner: Fireman

 m_Winners and losers after first elimination round of PGGSS

The hip hop star did not feature on the list of those who will advance, but he would be classified as a winner following his fair play and never-die spirit. Fireman was largely expected to advance, but following his elimination, he decided to be tight-lipped on whether he had been unfairly judged.

Losers: Bulldog and Senderi International Hit

m_Winners and losers after first elimination round of PGGSS2

Contrary to Fireman, the duo took to the microphone declaring how unfair the competition was and how injustice was rampant in music industry. Even though known to themselves that the judgment could never be rescinded, they continued spewing out blabber only to annoy the organizers. Senderi went ahead to declare that in the whole country, only the music industry had an unbelievable level of corruption and injustice and called for the authorities to act swiftly. Accepting defeating and accepting to move on is a vital part of sportsmanship.

Winner: Mico The Best

 m_Winners and losers after first elimination round of PGGSS3

The biggest surprise to make it into the top five, Mico has always played calm and innocent. His style of approach was regarded by many as largely innocuous, but deep embedded in his strategy was to woo voters in large numbers and he did it. Congrats to him.

Losers: East African Promoters (EAP) and Bralirwa

m_Winners and losers after first elimination round of PGGSS4

If it wasn’t for the shoddy and lousy way Primus Guma Guma Super Star had been organized, then there would be no real contentious issues in the first place. Right from the word go, PGGSS lacked a clear-cut pattern that was to be followed, the judges missed the first road shows and yet it is assumed they delivered their rulings. Both EAP and Bralirwa need to step up their efforts to make the show not only entertaining but also a platform to showcase the talents among the Rwandan musicians as opposed to creating endless feuds and disharmony.


Winners and losers after first elimination round of PGGSS


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