Monday, 29 April 2013

Greening program changes Gicumbi town

As part of the program to clean and renovate Gicumbi town, the administration and local people of Gicumbi district are busy planting trees and flowers, forming gardens in the whole of Gicumbi town in a program called greening.

Resident planting trees beside his home
Resident planting trees beside his home
Emmanuel Kayumba the health officer in this district says in this greening program, 700 araucaria trees, 2000 Jacaranda trees and 600 Spathodea trees…
These trees are planted on both sides of the main road in Gicumbi town starting from Ruyaga trading center up to Gicumbi stadium and also at the diocese of Byumba Catholic Church. The trees as well as passipalum grasses are being planted by the people that reside near this road.
Some of the ready gardens
Some of the ready gardens
 Kayumba goes on to say that these trees being planted are replacing the trees that have been in place that are dirtier and scattered in all parts of the town. The trees being planted will make the town more beautiful and tidier when they are grown.
In the program to make Gicumbi town clean and beautiful, the tarmac road through the town is being renovated and another road of stones is being built. Traders and the local residents are being called to put pavements and tiles in front of their shops and houses to make the town prettier.


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