Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Britain to release Aid to Rwanda government

m_Britain to release Aid to Rwanda government
KIGALI-RWANDA- Britain will unblock the suspended Aid to Rwanda due to what UK called ‘Kigali’s willingness, commitment and effort to bring peace in DRC. A credible source has told Great Lakes Voice
Britain had stopped funding one of its closest African allies, cancelling £21 million for Rwanda’s government because of what UK says, President Paul Kagame’s supported rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, had said that “credible and compelling reports” showed that Rwanda was fuelling civil war in neighbouring Congo by arming the “M23″ insurgents, who had captured the city of Goma by then.”
£21 support to Rwanda’s budget which was withheld last November 2012 is seen to be released not later than March 2013. Sources with knowledge of the situation said.
Government of Rwanda have revised the budget and cut some spending to adopt the situation caused by suspended Aid.


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