Thursday, 7 February 2013

Minister Musoni Calls On Rwandans To Express Their Heroism Through Hard Work.

Minister Protais Musoni regarded all Rwandan as heroes during the celebrations to mark hero’s day that took place on 1/02/2013 in Rwimishinya cell, Rukara sector, Kayonza district.
These celebrations that were organised for the Eastern province brought in many people from across the province to celebrate the good works the heroes of the country did.
Musoni said that “every Rwandan was a hero only that some blended heroism with their bad hearts calling on Rwandans to work hard and stop such acts of indignity”.
He advised them to be brave and to work hard which will help them achieve dignity and development.
The people appreciated the heroes of the country saying that if it was not for them they would not be present now.
This was mainly emphasized by one old woman Gaudence Mukarushema 80years who said that before the genocide she was always harassed by people who said she was a sister to Presidents Paul Kagame, but with the coming in of the heroes this was all stopped.
She added on saying that whenever this day comes she cannot stop thinking about what she went through, appreciating the heroes.
These people again carried out a communal work where a cattle shed was constructed and hence advised to work with determination to develop it more.


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