Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kagame urges Rwandans to uphold Umuganda culture


President Kagame and the First Lady join residents of Kanyinya to dig water channels yesterday.
President Paul Kagame has called upon Rwandans to strongly support the community work, Umuganda, because it is a unique activity that benefits everybody.

The Head of State made the remarks, yesterday, while addressing residents of Kanyinya Sector, Nyarugenge district and civil servants from various government institutions, who participated in the monthly community work.

The President flanked, by First Lady Jeannette Kagame, joined hundreds of residents in digging water trenches that will see residents in the area access more clean water.

“The community work is something that brings us together to use our energy for the betterment of our society. The activities we do together as a team, during Umuganda, benefit every Rwandan,” Kagame told cheering Kanyinya residents.

“Umuganda is a culture that enables us to sustain ourselves and that is the journey we must embark on. It’s an opportunity for each of us to take part in developing our nation”.

Kagame added that self sustenance is based on positive attitude and valuing what everyone does in the community.  

“As we strive for a better future, valuing ourselves and the work we do is very important,” the President said. 

He urged residents to have hope in whatever they do, so that the results become successful and productive.

The President said that nobody would come from outside to give Rwandans better lives and that there will be no miracle to improve their livelihood unless they work hard to realise their goals.

“You should work hard for a better life and you have the capability of doing so as long as you are committed and have a good understanding of what you want.”

He said, there is no country or people in the world without their own challenges and the way they resolve them.

“As Rwandans, we shouldn’t think that people will come outside to address the challenges we face. It’s us, within our means and capacity to deal with our own challenges,” he advised. 

Kagame said development assistance and partnerships from elsewhere should complement Rwandans’ own hard work. 

“If you wait for somebody to help you, that person comes once or twice and if you need them most for the third time, they are nowhere to be seen. And these people’s mercy have strings attached, they take your dignity away.”

The Head of State said the government focuses on building sustainable and long lasting infrastructure, urging Rwandans to safeguard the infrastructure in place while utilizing it for socio-economic development.

He called on those whose lives had been changed due to country’s poverty eradication programmes such as Girinka (One cow per poor Family) and others to preserve and make them productive.

“What we started here today must not end here but should be the basis for even more progress,” the President told the gathering.

At the event, Kanyinya residents expressed gratitude to the Head of State for championing the improvement of their wellbeing.

According to the Mayor of Nyarugenge district, Solange Mukasonga, residents of Kanyinya sector have transformed their lives through agricultural activities.

“They appreciate the government’s programmes in the area like roads, schools and health facilities,” she said.


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