Monday, 12 November 2012

Rwanda : Include Media Coverage To District Budgets, Advised Northern Province Governor

The governor of the Northern Province Aime Bosenibamwe called upon the leaders of the different district in the province to keep good relations with the media.
The governor said this while in Gakenke district on 6/11/2012 in a meeting with districts’ advisory councils.
The governor regarded media the only way to showcase development and as well highlight problems, throughout the Province.
“Communication is very important,” affirmed Bosenibamwe.
Include media coverage to district budgets, advised Northern Province governor
Mayors of the district in the Northern Province. (Photo:N. Leonard)
Governor requested districts to include media coverage in next year’s budget.
Some of the mayors said that some private media companies do come with sous covert of high level, take the information about the districts and then after they ask them to pay.
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