Monday, 12 November 2012

Rwanda : African journalists meet in Cairo

African journalists from 10 countries are meeting in Cairo-Egypt for an advanced course in media, where they are being given professional skills to do a better job by covering African and global stories objectively.
According to some of them, this is an opportunity to interact with their colleagues and exchange notes for better performance.
For three weeks now, African journalists from 10 African countries are in Cairo – Egypt for an advanced training in media. They are being facilitated by Egyptian media experts on how to professionally do their job better by objectively covering stories regarding Africa and the globe. According to one of the journalists from Nigeria, Mukhtar Abubakar, this is an opportunity to exchange notes with colleagues.
Yamikani Lanjesi from Malawi works for Radio Malawi, he says that African countries have many in common that binds their relationship, indicating a street in Malawi named after Paul Kagame the Rwandan Head of State.
Felicia Problehim is a journalist from Liberia; hails the good relationship between Rwanda and Liberia’s female president Johnson Sir Leaf.
According to the journalist from Mozambique Edourdo Figurao, they were astonished by the recent murder of the Rwandan Citizen whose body was found at the shores of the ocean following a prolonged peace under the leadership of the ruling party FRELIMO.
The late Maj. Gen. Fred Rwigema who is high on Heroes list in Rwanda is said to have participated in the liberation struggle in Mozambique which brought into power Frelimo party ousting the Portuguese colonialists.
However, the Sierra-Leon Journalist, Andrew Jonathan Smith expressed his appreciation for having brought to justice some top army officers from his country who committed atrocities during the war in Sieraleon  , who some of them are serving their sentences in Rwanda.
Similar good diplomatic relations between  African countries was expressed by journalists from Ethiopia whose late Prime Minister Melez Zenawi was decorated with medals by the Rwandan Gov for having played a key role in stopping Genocide and Liberating Rwanda


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