Thursday, 5 July 2012

Districts Need Decentralization Of Budget For Sectors, Cell Levels

Some of district workers and administrators say that they need decentralization program of the National budget to be brought to the sectors so that districts can get the time to work out on development projects.
This was discussed during the meeting about increasing the work abilities of Ruhango district workers that convened on the 2nd.July.2012 in Muhanga district.
m Districts need decentralization 300x225 Districts need decentralization of budget for sectors, cell levelsThese workers say that usually projects concerning finance are determined on the district level in the National budget and this is giving district more responsibilities.
Epimaque Twagirimana the vice mayor for finance and economic development in Ruhango district said that if National budget is decentralized, the district would get time to do other things rather than plan for sectors.
“Let’s say if a certain entrepreneur is building schools in a certain sector, the district mayor have to follow up that project on a daily basis and in all sectors that make up a district because the district is the one accounted for in the National budget though the sector only gives a report.
If decentralization is done, the sector would be responsible for all projects done in and the district would have time to work on other developmental projects” Twagirimana explained.
These workers and administrators say that if this program is implemented, the sectors can improve and develop where they work from and develop their residents as they know better what people need because they are near them more than districts.
Decentralization program has three phases and the first one was to ensure good governance by introducing local levels that is province, district, sector, cell and the village.
The 2nd phase was to bring administration and leadership to local people and giving authority to their nearby local levels where people get to every program and information on a village level.
The 3rd phase is still under discussion by the Ministry of local governments (MINALOC) so as to decentralize the National budget so that sectors are included for money to come from the ministry directly to the sectors without passing through districts.


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