Friday, 1 November 2013

Nyamagabe: setting strategies to avert hunger and drought

setting strategies to avert hunger and drought Nyamagabe: setting strategies to avert hunger and drought

The JADF meeting

 The Joint Action for Development Forum (JADF) in Nyamagabe District met to come up with strategies to prevent hunger in the near future.

According to a meeting on Tuesday 29thOctober 2013, the move follows the shortage of rainfall that threatens to affect crop production in this season 2014A.

JADF is going to help farmers to irrigate their crops in possible places especially crops being grown in wetlands and valleys by providing irrigating tools. They will also provide vegetables seeds to support the crop production.

“Every organization partner agreed on what they will do to support this program. Some agreed to support the cooperatives by providing the basic irrigating tools in wetlands and valleys.

We are going to plant vegetables after harvesting sweet potatoes to have enough crop production and avert poverty” explained Immacul√©e Mukarwego Umuhoza the vice mayor for finance and economic development and the coordinator of JADF in the District

The coordinator of JADF in Nyamasheke also explained that among other strategies the JADF partners reached at, they include planting cassavas in the hilly areas because cassava can thrive even without rain and there is still time to grow it.

The JADF partners also agreed on helping their beneficiaries make vegetable gardens, giving them seeds to plant there and giving tools to help them water these vegetables.

If all these are followed up as agreed upon, Nyamagabe district might be able to avert hunger and poverty that is expected if rain does not fall sooner.

The strategies agreed upon by the JADF partners will be worked on as soon as possible and will be operational by the 10th, 11, 2013. The district will make an evaluation program to see if every the agreed upon strategies were done as expected.

A team to do the evaluation was elected. Local leaders are being called upon to inform their people about this urgent program.

During the recent video conference that was aired to all district and chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture urged farmers to consider irrigation is the only way to avoid hunger when rain ceases to fall.


Nyamagabe: setting strategies to avert hunger and drought


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