Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Kamonyi farmers adopting irrigation to fight drought

m_Kamonyi farmers adopting irrigation to fight drought

Farmers irrigating their farms

Farmers who cultivate in Rwabashyashya wetland in Kamonyi district have started irrigating their crops as a counter measure to the shortage of rain and preventing hunger.

These farmers started with this program on Friday October 01, 2013 at a function that was presided over by the Minster for Agriculture Agnes Kalibata.

The minister asked farmers to stop being lazy and use whatever means they have and avert hunger that is apparent if the weather does not change.

“Rwanda has access to enough water especially in swamps, there is no need to sit still and blame the weather for lack of rain when we can irrigate our farms and serve the same purpose.”

 m_Kamonyi farmers adopting irrigation to fight drought1

Minister Kalibata supported farmers in the irrigation

Manasseh Mpagazehe the chairperson of Impabaruta Cooperative in Rwabashyashya swamps says though the sun is scorching away their farms, farmers are ready to fight drought through irrigation.

Farmers in Kamonyi District say they will not let their crops be destroyed by sunshine instead they adapted to new means especially irrigation to ensure productivity of their crops

Wellars Murekezi a member of cooperative Ubumwe that farms in Bishenyi wetland where this function was held says though irrigation is too tiresome, they are getting used to it to save their crops from drought.

Members of Ubumwe Cooperative are grateful to the government for conserving the water in the swamps, providing them with irrigating machines and the workers that will help in this program.

According to the chairperson of the cooperative Focus Habyarabatuma, farmers will work together to make sure the irrigation program is successful. “We will be watering our crops in the morning and evening until it rains again.”

The Ministry of Agriculture called upon farmers to learn how to maintain and improve the pace of crop production even in the absence of rain, advising them to rely on irrigation program especially in wetland areas and their neighborhood.

Kamonyi farmers adopting irrigation to fight drought


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