Friday, 18 October 2013

Rwanda keen to learn from Korea

m_Rwanda keen to learn from Korea

Foreign Affairs Minister: Louise Mushikiwabo

Rwanda’s Foreign affairs minister, Louise Mushikiwabo has said that through the Rwanda Korea cooperation experience, Rwanda will be able to benefit a lot in propelling its goals of building an economy based on information communication technology.

Mushikiwabo was speaking at the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace, where she said that Korea has been where most African countries are coming from and it understands well the problems faced by the continent.

The Minister pointed out that there are two components that Rwanda can learn from Korea in order to attain its ICT development goals, of which the government has put high priority.

The first component is high-speed broadband, preferably mobile broadband. The second component is national computing power in the form of IT cloud services.

She noted that Rwanda can achieve rapid advancement of these two components through crossborder cooperation, one that can provide us with access to technology and know-how coupled with interstate cooperation between strategic technology partners.

“That is part of why my country, Rwanda, has been able to establish excellent relations and cooperation with the Republic of Korea. In our cooperative relationship, the Republic of Korea has demonstrated genuine eagerness to share its developmental experience in many sectors, ranging from agriculture to culture and today to cyberspace”.

Today, Rwanda shares the opportunity of Korean experience and has developed strong strategic partnership with a number of Korean corporations that are currently working to roll out infrastructure at the pace required to achieve rapid development.

One of them is the operations of Korean telecom, which is seen as quick link to helping Rwanda create the cat lymph and enable areas of cyberspace enablement. Rwanda is jointly rolling out with Korea telecom a 4G LTE wireless broadband on top of our nationwide fiber optic network as the last piece of the puzzle in our quest for high-speed broadband access.

Rwanda keen to learn from Korea


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