Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rusizi: Residents sensitised on gender based violence

The Development through Community Participation Association (ATEDEC) has educated Rusizi residents on forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV). The named forms of GBV include physical and verbal sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, traditional practices and harmful customary, among others.

ATEDEC targets different groups of people including, students, church goers and local leaders.

 m_Residents sensitised on Gender Based Violence

Students of Gihundwe Secondary school during GBV sensitization

ATEDEC confirms many have been abused owing to ignorance on forms of GBV. Many trainees admitted to being abused without knowing.

“The fight against GBV concerns everyone, because GBV hinders development,” says Claude Muco, The Coordinator of ATEDEC.

 m_Residents sensitised on Gender Based Violence2

Rusizi locals attending ATEDEC training

The tradition of being silent about GBV cases was pinned for the vice’s increase. Meanwhile teamwork and sharing information were suggested as the key factors in fighting GBV.

Rusizi: Residents sensitised on gender based violence


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