Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Producer Barick puts blame on Peace for his exit in TPF

m_Producer Barick puts blame on Peace for his exit in TPF

Producer Barrick

Renowned music producer Barick has laid blame squarely on the shoulders of young Peace Jolis after the latter was kicked out of Tusker Project Fame, a music talent searching competition that is being held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

Barick, who produces his music at BMCG records, believes there were many errors committed by Peace that were bound to cost him dearly.

In an exclusive interview with, the veteran music producer condemned Peace’s choice of song which was in vernacular and pointed that it might have contributed to his own downfall.

He said: “In my opinion, it’s because he chose a Kinyarwanda song. What the judges want is someone to interpret a song and make it their own. Being able to sing is therefore not enough in this competition.”

Barick also pointed out that the fact both Peace and Nyamitali were somehow experienced in music than their competitors tilted the balance against them. He said, “When they were pre-selected the judges knew they had an edge over their competitors, so maybe that was one cause for the judges, to scrutinize them much.”

Meanwhile there has been public outcry in the region for the three-judge bench to reinstate Peace in the academy with many calling for the dismissal of Nyambura from Kenya. Already all Tanzanian representatives have been sent packing.

Producer Barick puts blame on Peace for his exit in TPF


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