Friday, 4 October 2013

Nyamagabe improving law on women rights

Though a big step has been taken in granting women equal rights as men on land, there are still many limitations to the application of these rights.

Women are still denied of their inheritance rights by either their husbands or brothers just because they are women.

m_Nyamagabe improving law on women rights

This is the case of VĂ©ronique Musabyimana a resident of Tare sector whose inheritance from her parents was almost taken by his brothers. It was a long misunderstanding and she was on a verge of giving it up until she joined Haguruka association and got legal advice to recover her inheritance. 

The research conducted about rural women rights on inheritance and management of land that was done in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru districts by LIPRODHOR, UNICOOPAGI and HAGURUKA associations show women still face limitations.

The research that was revealed on Tuesday 1st Oct 2013 shows that women are still limited by traditional cultural beliefs and ignorance of the law that governs women’s rights.

Aloys Munyangaju the coordinator of LIPRODHOR association explains that men think women should not claim inheritance from their parents and should be supported by their husbands. Women have no idea of the laws created to clear such misunderstandings and promote their rights.

“Culture is still a limitation. The law gives the same right to the boy and girl child but the society differentiates them. More so people do not understand their rights due to ignorance of the laws that the government established to solve such issues” says Munyagaju.

Munyangaju says they will keep on training people about their rights and the law that supports them to solve such inequality among men and women once and for all. The research shows that about 70% of rural women have an idea of their rights and laws that support them.

Nyamagabe improving law on women rights


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