Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ngoma district: The hospitality industry bracing for new entrants


Following the construction of a district owned hotel in the Eastern district of Ngoma, two Investors have started building two more three-star level hotels in the area.

Among the two investors is the owner of another hotel known as “Dereva Hotel”, very famous in Rwamagana district – still in Rwanda’s Eastern Province. The second hotel being built by another investor on the shores of Sake Lake will be called “Amataba ECO Village”.

The two hotels came into the picture after Ngoma district officials carried out a campaign to woo investors by exhibiting the district’s business potentials.

According to Ngoma district Executive Secretary GĂ©rard Muzungu, the construction of both hotels has already kicked off.

Until recently when these developments came up, the district didn’t have a single hotel.

Apart from these hotels being erected in Ngoma district, inside sources in the district maintain that there is a continuous, plan to uplift the district’s skyline with new buildings. And there seems to be facts to back it up on the ground.

Among the new initiatives are those by the privately-owned higher learning institute operating in the area, INATEK.

The institute is putting up new, multi-storey buildings and so is the Eastern Province’s Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center (IPRC) which is putting up new buildings in the former compound of ETO Kibungo.

Ngoma district: The hospitality industry bracing for new entrants


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