Saturday, 19 October 2013

Is Dr. Jiji the Rwandan version of Shaggy?

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 Dr. Jiji has taken the entertainment scene by storm

There’s a new guy in town and his name is Dr. Jiji. The star has caught the attention of the media like hailstorm, his music is extraordinary and his videos are simply superb.

Jiji’s sudden impact in local music scene cannot be underrated whatsoever. How could someone be that influential in a period of less than one year? How did he do it and what was the secret behind that rapid success?

Jiji’s music videos have led to many describing him as the Rwandan Shaggy, in reference to the way he likes using skimpily dressed girls. Songs like Antere Ibuye in which he features Ama G the Black and Bruce Melodie will attest to that.

His videos have on more than one occasion caused uproar in the media and critics have argued that Jiji may have gone overboard in aping the Western culture.

In his own words, Jiji describes his music as educative as opposed to other connotations that people tend to draw.

“My priority is to entertain my fans. What other people say is not a big concern to me because no matter what you do or say, people will always draw their conclusions.”

Is Dr. Jiji the Rwandan version of Shaggy?


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