Tuesday, 8 October 2013

ICT Minister encourages girls to embrace ICT


The minister of Youth and ICT Jean Philbert Nsengimana encouraged the youth especially girls to move abreast with the country’s development by embracing ICT.

Nsengimana made the remark during an ICT Literacy and Awareness campaign held in Nyamagabe District in Southern Province.

He stated that the number of girls in ICT sectors is still low, which pushed the ministry to focus more on empowering girls to embrace technology.

He called upon girls to welcome ICT to maximize opportunities it offers.

“Knowledge is power and wealth.” he reiterated that opportunities of ICT must reach all sectors of Rwandans regardless economy, level of education, location, and that none could lose its opportunities.

This is in line with the government’s committement to promoting ICT as a key driver for rapid socio-economic development.

He added that “Our economy will no longer bas on raw power but will be knowledge based.”

He called upon all residents to embrace it for their benefits and their own development.

He commended private sectors for being good partners with the government to foster Rwandans technological level. “As we foster ICT, we develop our economy and self-reliance,” he noted.

Minister pointed out that ICT offers many chances that were not there in past. “ICT gives opportunities that were not in past and gives new jobs that were not created.

“We want to make awareness of these opportunities,” Nsengimana reiterated.

Lillian Uwineza, 17, a student at TTC Mbuga stressed that using ICT helps them to learn more; “Now I’m able to surf on the internet and I can gain more knowledge and excel in the class.”

The two- day campaign that took place from 3 to 4th October 2013 saw a hundred of girls trained in ICT.

The purpose of the campaign is to drive the awareness and usage of ICT services, content and applications, to increase the ICT Literacy, educate and train Rwandans.

This will also help business people on the potential of ICT to drive competitiveness, efficiency, transparency as well as civic participation.

The government has invested heavily in information and communications technology (ICT).

Since the inception of the first national ICT strategy and plan in 2000, Rwanda has significantly transformed the way business and society uses technology.

A study indicates that only 10 of the world’s 160 independent ICT regulatory authorities are headed by a woman, in a world where over 95% of all jobs now have a digital component, and where there is a large and growing skills shortage in the ICT sector.

ICT Minister encourages girls to embrace ICT


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