Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Gossip: Dr. Jiji to link up with Alex Muyoboke


After a long time of searching his next big name to manage musically, Alex Muyoboke may have finally found his man in Dr. Jiji. Dr. Jiji’s name is climbing up the ladder as a quick flash. Just a few months in the country, he’s almost become a household name, and his videos aren’t bad either.

But now it seems likely that the two may be heading for a sensational partnership after sources close to Jiji claimed the two are working on a two-year deal that would see the two work on various projects. The undisclosed source went on to indicate that the deal would benefit both Muyoboke and D. Jiji, who are set to announce it shortly after they pen down the contract.

Muyoboke has managed heavyweights in music industry, including Tom Close, Dream Boyz and Urban Boyz, all of whom parted ways with him acrimoniously. The lucrative deal will see Jiji become the fourth known artist to be managed by Muyoboke.

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Gossip: Dr. Jiji to link up with Alex Muyoboke


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